Saturday, September 3, 2011

Closing of Two Gents is Sunday at 4pm!

It's a double bill for tomorrow, Sunday Sept 4th! At the beautiful Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx, right off the 6 train.

At 4pm we have our closing performance of Two Gentlemen of Verona, followed by a 6pm showing ofJulius Caesar. Both shows are free. Bring a blanket or low chair, a picnic, and a sense of fun!

DIRECTIONS: Take the 6 train uptown to Pelham Bay Park. When you exit, go over the pedestrian overpass and come down into the park. Take a right along the path, then a left and keep going. You are looking for the South Meadow Picnic Area, and we are very close to the Dog Run. If you get lost, ask folks where the running track or tennis courts are, since we are just up and over the hill to the right of those spots.

Call our hotline at 646-450-2878 if it looks like rain to be sure we are still going on!

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Watch our trailer for Julius Caesar:

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Two Gents:

Julius Caesar:

Julius Caesar, Directed by Robert J. Dyckman, Stage Manager: Shira Segal

Nicholas Urda*: Brutus

Renee Rodriguez: Cassius

Robert J. Dyckman*: Mark Antony

James Ware: Julius Caesar

Emilio Aquino: Decius Brutus/Octavius Caesar

Angela Sharp: Calpurnia/Popilius/Messala

/2nd Commoner

Krystine Summers: Casca/Lepidus/Strato/1st Commoner-Musician

Kimberley Wong: Portia/Soothsayer/Pindarus

/Citizen 2

Manuel de la Portilla: Marullus/Lucius/Caesar’s servant/Publius/Citizen 1/Cato

Al Patrick Jo: Metellus Cimber/Lucillius/Citizen 3

D. Carlton: Flavius/Artemidorus/Soldie

r 2/Citizen 4

Shae Orrick: Trebonius/Volumnius

Holly Dortch: Cinna/Titinius

Kevin Russo: Caius Ligarius/Octavius’ Servant/Soldier 1

Two Gents, Directed by Renee Rodriguez, Stage Manager: Gae Song

Krystine Summers: Launce/First Outlaw

Emilio Aquino: Proteus

Justin Maruri*: Valentine

Angela Sharp: Julia

Bushra Laskar: Silvia

James Ware: Duke/Antonio

Umi Shakti: Lucetta/Third Outlaw

Robert J. Dyckman*: Speed/Eglamour/Second Outlaw

Lola: Crab

*Actors appear courtesy of Actors Equity Association

Fight Director: Rocio Mendez

Costume Designer: Samantha Guinan

JC Music Director: Manuel de la Portilla

Dramaturg: Angela Sharp

Volunteer Manager: Bushra Laskar

2G Props Designer: Blair Khoker

JC Props Designer: Shira Segal

Assistant Stage Managers: Margo Bayroff, Julia Rella, Erin Magner

Weapons provided by Michael Hagins

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Two Gentlemen of Verona and Julius Caesar are Equity Approved Showcases.

CONTACT: Reneé Rodriguez, Executive Director

646-450-2878 /